excavator mulching


What is Excavator Mulching?

Excavator Mulching is the most precise process of tree removal/clearing or cutting overgrown areas of land.  Specialized Equipment allows selective removal.

Selective Removal

Specialized equipment allows precise selective removal without harm to nearby trees, plants or other vegetation that is desired.

Mulch - What's Left Behind?

The mulch that is left behind adds and maintains the nutrients and minerals present in the soil.  Our equipment has the ability to control the size of the mulched material. Offering complete tree removal or tree trimming.

Types of Job and Use

  • Fence Line Clearing
  • Right of Way Maintenance
  • Invasive Species Removal
  • Ditch Banks/Pond Dams -High Slope Areas
  • Site Preparation for Homes or Buildings
  • Food Plots/Wildlife Restoration

Excavator Clearing VS. Traditional Land Clearing

-Requires No Permitting                       -Permitting and Site Plans required

-Preserves and Builds Top Soil Layer -Damages or Dislocates Topsoil Layer      

-Creates Natural Erosion Control        -Requires Additional Erosion Control

-No Brush Piles                                        -Brush Piles to Burn or Haul Away

-Extremely Selective                               -Damages Nearby Trees and Vegetation

-Less Expensive                                        -More Expensive

Selective Tree Removal with no harm to older growth.

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